Running Club

The SCAC Running Club is a Christ-Centered program that trains kids 6-15 to be active, develop a love for running and builds endurance for other sports and trains them to participate in a  5k run.  The program is designed for all levels of runner and encourages sportsmanship and friendship while pushing each athlete to do their best. 
Coaching Philosophy 
We strive to develop players  at ever opportunity including training sessions and off the field events. Our goal is to make a positive impact in our player’s lives by focusing on physical and spiritual development.   We maintain a fun, yet competitive  environment where athletes can develop as runners. We want players to improve their skills, demonstrate good sportsmanship, learn from adversity and grow as teammates.   We use  running games and exercises to target endurance, interval and plyometrics training.  We want kids to have a blast seeing what they are capable of achieving.