By donating to South City Athletic Club, you are supporting both local and international ministry efforts. Your contribution will not only help us continue to provide quality youth sports programs, but it will also aid in spreading the message of Christ throughout the world. And best of all, your donation is tax-deductible. Thank you for considering a gift to South City Athletic Club!


List of local and international ministry outreaches & Initiatives:

El Golazo de Tu Vida – San Salvador, El Salvador. (Camps)

El Golazo de Tu Vida – San Miguel, El Salvador. (Teams & Camps. Full-time staff)

El Golazo de Tu Vida – Usulutan, El Salvador. (Camps, 2023)

El Golazo de Tu Vida – Riobamba, Ecuador. (Camps)

Player of The Match Pins – Texas, USA.

Camp and Club Scholarships – Texas, USA.